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10 Potential Reasons Your House Hasn't Sold

If your house has been on the real estate market for an exceptionally long time with no showings, you need to figure out the problem. Keep reading to discover 10 possible issues that might be preventing your home from selling. You might want to discuss these 10 items with your realtor for a more objective viewpoint.

(1) Evidence of Insects

Examine your walls, floors, and ceilings - both interior and exterior. Do you see spiders, cobwebs, or other insects? Crawling or dead bugs are an immediate turn-off to a possible home buyer. Get rid of the insects and bugs yourself, or hire a professional to do the job for you.

(2) Outdated Interior Spaces

When potential homebuyers view your home's outdated interior, they see a hefty remodeling budget necessary to create a modern look. Do a few budget-friendly updates, such as painting the walls a neutral hue, removing old wallpaper, and exchanging outdated light fixtures for modern replacements. Include a monetary allowance in your asking price for a buyer to replace old carpet and dingy kitchen appliances.

(3) Stinky Kitchen Odors

Stinky odors lingering in your kitchen area can make a buyer leave quickly. Empty your kitchen trash can often to avoid persistently bad aromas. Avoid cooking foods with pungent odors, such as fried fish, sauerkraut, popcorn, and anything seasoned with garlic. Strong food smells are difficult to eliminate and are a quick buyer turnoff.

(4) Cluttered First Impression

When the front door opens, a home buyer makes a quick assessment of your home. If they view a congested, disorganized space, they'll form the impression of a small, chaotic home. Too many furniture pieces crammed into a small room can eliminate open, functional walkways and reduce the visual space to appear smaller than it is. Pick up loose items and stash them out of view.

(5) Signs of Intruders

Check inside your cabinets, the garage floor, patio, and porch for signs of intruders. Mouse droppings, bat guano, bird nests, or small stashes of food are tell-tale signs of unwelcome guests such as bats, birds, rodents, and small animals. If your home shows any evidence of these pesky intruders, clean up the mess and hire a trained professional to eliminate the problem.

(6) Perplexing Room Design

Potential homebuyers are confused when they walk into a room that contains a bed, ironing board, treadmill, and children's toys. The room has no identity or specific purpose and a buyer is clueless. They are trying to visualize the room for its intended use, and a room that's cluttered with a mishmash of items becomes an unwanted mystery room to a buyer.

(7) Troubling Decorative Items

Examine each room in your home for decorative items on display that might be troubling to potential home buyers. For example, remove all weapon exhibits, sports memorabilia, political articles, controversial art, liquor displays, and other decorative items that might be disturbing to a buyer.

(8) Musty Air Smells

Dirty laundry in an uncovered hamper, damp towels lying on the bathroom floor, and stagnant indoor air can contribute to an unpleasant musty smell inside your home. Put a lid on your clothes hamper, stash wet towels inside your washing machine, and open the windows when possible to allow fresh air indoors. Turn on your ceiling fans and use plug-in air fresheners throughout your home to ward off musty air smells.

(9) Elevated Selling Price

Your real estate agent is trained to research the houses in your neighborhood and surrounding areas to determine an appropriate price range for your home. Potential home buyers and their realtors are financially savvy as to a fair market price for your house. Don't become so emotionally attached to your house that you elevate your home's selling price to an unrealistic amount.

(10) Poor curb appeal

Poor curb appeal could be the reason your home isn't selling. Mow your lawn, prune the bushes, rake the leaves, and pick up fallen tree limbs. Replace broken or missing roof shingles and give your front entry an overhaul if necessary.

After reading this article, does your house have any of the 10 listed issues? If so, take the action necessary to remedy all your home-related issues immediately. It might make the difference between your home remaining on the market indefinitely or receiving an offer soon.

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