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Understand The Canva Homepage

Welcome to Canva. Let's take a look around the homepage and learn how to find what you need to start designing. With Canva you can design anything. There are thousands of professional templates to get you started.

You can explore templates in a few ways. Start by typing key words in the search bar.

...Browse by document theme

...Or scroll down the page and be inspired.

If you have something specific in mind, you can enter custom dimensions. In the top menu, you can discover templates by theme, explore photo and icon libraries, 

printed products, apps and more. Or access Design School where you can learn to 

use Canva and supercharge your design skills. The sidebar helps organise your designs. You'll find all the designs you've created in this tab. And designs shared with you by your team in this one. Creating a team is easy. Just add the people you want to design with, assign their role, and invite them.

You can also create folders for designs, photos, content and ideas to keep your projects organised. Canva's homepage makes it easy for you to design anything.

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